Seeing the Dermatologist

Your family doctor will probably send you to see a dermatologist – a doctor that specializes in treating skin problems. Your dermatologist will probably do the following things during your dermatology appointment:

  • Ask you about yourself, you skin problem and your concerns. This is a good time to bring up any itching, burning or redness on your skin or any other things that might be concerning you.
  • Perform a physical exam. The doctor will look very closely at your skin.
  • Test for anything that relates to the problem. In some cases, the doctor may take a small sample of tissue, to help determine what is causing the irritation.
  • Explain psoriasis, treatment options and side effects of the medicines. This is a great time for you or your parent/guardian to ask the doctor more questions about the treatments and side effects.
  • Talk to you and your parent/guardian about any possible costs of treatment and what kind of time commitment the treatment might need. You will probably have to see the dermatologist for regular follow-up visits or, in some cases, treatments. Sometimes, most of the treatment can be done at home to get rid of the lesions.